The Pain and Dis-Ease Connection 
There are 24 vertebrae, 31 pairs of nerves, 40 muscles, connecting tendons and ligaments running from the base of the skull to the tailbone.
The spinal column also protects the spinal cord, the main pathway for the central nervous system, the electrical pathway controlling and coordinating all the systems and organs of the body. When muscles shrink and/or spasm, nerve irritation and pain may occur resulting in neurological malfunction and ultimately organ systems dis-ease. 

Click on an area of the spine that maybe causing pain and/or discomfort

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Linear Traction
When precisely adjusted the Wrightback becomes a wedge between the skull and the pelvis causing a gentle traction, decompressing the inter-vertebral discs and encouraging correct alignment of the entire spinal column. This re-establishes structural stability improves neurological function and balance while enhancing health and well-being.
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