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How to care for skin in winter

Winter frosts make warm clothes come out of the closets, put on a hat, gloves, and carefully wrap the neck with a scarf. And only the face remains unprotected. Therefore, the cold immediately leaves its mark on him. The skin turns pale, withers, begins to peel off or glistens unnaturally. Sometimes irritation or a vascular network appear on the cheeks. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to review skin care in the winter.

Why does skin need special care in winter
Winter cold leads to an increase in the sensitivity of the skin. Chilling frosts, piercing winds, burning air, sharp temperature drops between the street and the room have an extremely negative effect on the skin condition. The latter becomes tightened, dry. Peeling appears on the face, irritation worries. All this causes severe discomfort.

Frosts affect the blood circulation. The circulation slows down. And along with it, the production of natural protection – sebum is reduced. Dry skin quickly loses moisture and dries. The face becomes dull. Significantly worsens elasticity and resilience.

But if proper skin care is ensured in the winter, then all the negative consequences can be avoided. And even in severe frosts, the face continues to shine with health and beauty.
Winter facial skin care: 9 tips
So that the skin does not lose its natural elasticity and does not begin to peel off, cosmetologists recommend changing the care regimen for the winter period. Experts advise you to remember the following.

In winter, care should be different from summer
Give up hot water
In winter, it is recommended to use warm rather than hot water to wash or take a shower. Otherwise, the lipid barrier will be destroyed. And this will lead to a rapid loss of moisture in the skin.

Choose a mild cleanser
If after washing your face there is a feeling of dryness and excessive tightness, it is necessary to replace the tool for morning procedures with a softer one. Experts advise to prefer cosmetics marked “for sensitive skin.”

Mandatory hydration
Many people are sure that in winter the skin does not need to be hydrated at all. This is one of the main misconceptions. The skin loses a lot of moisture in the winter, so it is necessary to constantly restore the hydro balance. It is dehydration that leads to dryness and peeling. To protect the skin from moisture loss, it is recommended to use a special day cream marked “winter”.

Winter cosmetics contain vegetable oils (such as shea butter or avocado) that prevent moisture loss, and vitamins (E, A) that provide nutrition.

Refuse aggressive procedures
Facial skin does not need thorough peels in the winter. They cause microcracks and dry out even more. It is better to postpone these activities until warm. However, a gentle cleansing (using a special cream gommage) face is required regularly. After a light peeling, softening and moisturizing creams are applied to the skin.

Do not make rough peels for the face
Do not rub your face
Some people, having entered the room from frost, are faced with excessive redness of the face. In no case should you rub your skin, trying to adapt it to the new temperature regime as quickly as possible. This does not help, but only injures the face. It is best to wait 10-15 minutes. This time is enough for the skin to adjust itself to the warm temperature. Now you can slightly powder the problem areas with transparent powder.

Protect your lips
You need to take care not only about the skin, but also about the lips. In winter, matte lipsticks are not recommended. They are very dry. It is better to prefer balms (which include vitamin E or wax) or hygienic lipsticks.

Protect your skin
To reduce the effect of frost on the skin, it is recommended to apply a winter cream on the face before each exit to the street. But you need to do this 15-20 minutes before the release, so that the product has completely absorbed and provides maximum protection.

Watch out for room humidity
During the heating season, indoor air is always excessively dry. This negatively affects the condition of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to consider a humidification system. Humidity should vary between 30-60%.

Take care of the skin from the inside
When developing a whole scheme of how to care for skin in winter, do not forget that useful substances come not only from the outside (cosmetics). The body draws many necessary components from food. Therefore, caring for beauty and health, you must adhere to proper nutrition. In addition, it is important to drink enough water.

Nutrition must be balanced so that the skin shines.
Winter care: how to take care of your skin type
The rules of care depend not only on the season. After all, the cold is able to completely affect people. Some people immediately have red spots, others begin to suffer from peeling, and others may occasionally suffer a greasy shine on their faces. Therefore, when developing a care regimen, cosmetologists advise taking into account the type of skin.

How to care for skin in winter
Winter frosts make warm clothes come out of the closets, put on a hat, gloves, and carefully wrap the neck with a scarf. And only the face remains unprotected. Therefore,…


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