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Causes of hormonal failure in men and women

About 75% of the adult population suffer from various hormonal disorders. The psychoemotional and physical state of a person directly depends on the synthesis of hormones, with the slightest malfunction of this process, the body starts a chain of negative reactions that provoke the development of serious diseases.

Common causes of hormonal failure
Previously, by hormonal failure, doctors meant only the pathology of the endocrine system in women, which was expressed in various disorders of the menstrual cycle. Now, under this term, many pathologies have been combined, which are diagnosed in both women and men.

With an imbalance of hormones, all metabolic processes and the functionality of internal organs deteriorate. Deviations from the norm can occur for completely different reasons, consider the most common.

Constant stress
Failure in the synthesis of hormones can occur after severe nervous shocks, prolonged stress, anxiety. With constant anxiety, changes in the nervous structures occur, which affects the state of the endocrine system, which immediately affects the synthesis of hormones.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
This concept includes many external factors. Constant lack of sleep, disturbances of the daily routine, severe physical overload, chronic fatigue syndrome, mental stress, lack of fresh air, alcohol abuse and smoking.

Harmful food affects hormonal imbalance
Genetic predisposition
If similar deviations were observed in close relatives, the possibility of a hormonal malfunction increases several times. Congenital defects in genes disrupt the synthesis of hormones, to a greater extent, a hormonal surge manifests itself during puberty.

Failure to synthesize hormones can cause both starvation and overeating. Diets or irregular meals lead to a lack of essential nutrients.

Hard diets can lead to irreversible consequences. Frequent overeating and excessive amounts of fat in food also negatively affect the hormonal background.

Excess weight
With obesity, the synthesis of hormones is significantly reduced, which, of course, affects the hormonal background. With an excess of subcutaneous fat, metabolism is noticeably impaired.

Infectious and inflammatory diseases
Respiratory illnesses that are severe and endured during childhood can significantly affect hormone synthesis. Common causes are various sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

During puberty, boys and girls may experience jumps in hormonal levels. This is due to the fact that sex hormones are activated in the body and under their action the entire endocrine system is rebuilt.

The period of puberty
Pathology of the kidneys and liver
Hormone levels can change with impaired liver and kidney function. These organs are responsible for hormonal metabolism, that is, for the exchange and excretion of hormones from the body.

Bad ecology
People living in areas with poor ecology are 30% more likely to be affected by hormonal imbalances.

Causes of hormonal failure in women
Insufficient or increased production of hormones primarily affects the state of the reproductive system.

Changes in the usual balance are often expressed in malaise, constant fatigue, malfunction of the menstrual cycle, problems with conception, deterioration in appearance, and nervous disorders. Knowing the causes, a number of serious diseases can be prevented.

Main reasons:
The onset of menopause is the main reason for the failure of hormone synthesis. Climax occurs on average after 45 years, it is at this age that the production of sex hormones is reduced.

Pregnancy and childbirth
Changes in the background during pregnancy are a natural process, the body intensifies the production of hormones that contribute to the normal course of pregnancy and ensure the physiological course of labor.

Changes may occur during pregnancy
Hormonal drugs
Many women take hormonal birth control pills. With improper or prolonged use of contraceptives, the natural balance of hormones is disturbed. Also, many medicines to treat skin diseases, allergies, or nervous system disorders contain hormones.

Gynecological pathology
Inflammatory and infectious diseases of the reproductive system (especially the ovaries) affect the synthesis of hormones.

Frequent abortions, pelvic surgery, diagnostic laparoscopy, cesarean section – all these factors affect the hormonal background.

Causes of hormonal failure in men
In men, such violations are not as common as in women. With an imbalance of hormones in the male body, problems with potency appear, which affects the psycho-emotional state.

If you ignore the treatment, the development of cardiovascular and mental diseases is possible.

Main reasons:
Testicular lesion

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