What do “suspicious” moles look like?
Moles, birthmarks, nevi - all these are the names of benign formations on the skin that can be congenital or appear during a person’s life. Moles can be located everywhere,…

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Unusual Diseases: Elven Face Syndrome (or Williams Syndrome)
They are very cute, these kids: large bright blue eyes under swollen eyelids, a wide forehead, a small upturned nose, a large mouth with full lips, often stretched out in…

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The evolution of psoriasis treatment
Psoriasis is one of the most common skin diseases that humanity has encountered in ancient times. Many famous personalities suffered from psoriasis: Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Joseph Stalin,…

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How we age: what happens to us and how to deal with it

At 20, you don’t think about old age, but after 30 you already begin to feel the inexorable movement of time. Can the natural aging process be pushed back? Yes you can. But for each age, the recipe for anti-aging therapy will be different.

You are 20 years old
It would seem that this is the heyday of youth. But actually the aging process is already running:

the skeleton stops growing;
brain cells gradually die;
blood vessels become less elastic, which leads to an increase in blood pressure, although still very slow;
decreased synthesis of elastin and collagen, which give elasticity to the skin, which is manifested by the first wrinkles;
the speed of the sweat and sebaceous glands decreases, which means that the skin renews more slowly.
How to fight? Simple exercises for half an hour a day will help stabilize blood pressure and prevent the formation of unnecessary cholesterol.

The diet should be enough vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. This will strengthen the bones and retain the collagen needed by the skin.

You turned 30
After 30 years, significant changes occur in the body:

the rate of metabolism (metabolism) is reduced, which threatens fat deposits;
muscle volume begins to decrease;
the first gray hairs appear, and in men a bald spot may form;
the production of sex hormones is reduced, which reduces the likelihood of conceiving a child;
Exercise more and more intensively
How to fight? You need more frequent and intensive exercises: exercises for all muscle groups, strength training.

Keep track of the number of calories consumed and when adding weight, limit the calorie content of food.

If you want to get pregnant, prepare for this in advance: check your health, cure all infections, give up bad habits, do not be nervous.

You are 40 years old
The body wears out more intensively:
in women, estrogen production decreases, which leads to excess weight, a fat layer at the waist, and an increase in pressure;
men have problems with urination;
up to 2% of muscle mass is lost annually;
every year several thousand neurons die;
in men, the amount of sperm is reduced, in women – the production of eggs, the chances of getting pregnant are sharply reduced, the risk of miscarriages is growing;
visual acuity decreases, “age-related” farsightedness develops;
joints begin to hurt;
the cardiovascular system may malfunction – cholesterol plaques form on the vessels, which reduces blood flow;
How to fight? Strengthen the muscles will allow physical training. At this age, cardio exercises (aerobic) are good for strengthening the heart muscle.

Include healthy foods in your diet
In order to maintain normal weight, protect blood vessels, reduce fat in the diet.

To replenish estrogen, women are advised to include green vegetables and legumes in their diet.

You are 50 years old
The aging process is gaining momentum:

in women, menopause begins;
the work of almost all organs is deteriorating;
the number of beneficial bacteria in the intestine decreases, which leads to digestive problems, in particular, to constipation;
estrogen production decreases sharply, which leads to brittle bones, heart problems, weight gain;
the risk of developing breast cancer is increasing;
cataracts begin to form, the likelihood of retinal degeneration increases;
the skin becomes dry, thin, wrinkled, the face loses its contours;
How to fight? Do not give up sports, just loads should be moderate and appropriate to your condition.

Examine your doctor regularly, take tests for cholesterol, blood sugar. Be sure to check with a mammologist once a year.

Find time for creativity
Train your brain: start learning a foreign language, or learn to play the piano, or find another activity that strengthens your memory and develops your mind.

Include foods containing polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants in your diet.

You are 60
At this age, all feelings become dull: the angle and visual acuity decrease, hearing and smell worsen, and sensitivity to taste is lost.

Women may suffer from urinary incontinence.

How to fight? Follow your health: visit a doctor, do the necessary tests.

Continue playing sports – now this is the most necessary for you.

Avoid eating fats, but proteins must be present in your diet to reduce muscle loss.

For problems with urination, try to use the toilet less often to train your bladder.

Do not allow the appearance of extra pounds and especially obesity – this is a risk factor for many chronic diseases.

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