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8 reasons for early gray hair

Over the years, with us, with someone earlier, with others later, the hair begins to turn gray. This is quite normal, although it does not make us very happy. But sometimes gray hair locks are found in very young people who are under thirty. What is it? Pathology? And is it possible to prevent this process?

Why does our hair have a different color?
Our hair can be dark, light, red with various shades due to melanin. This pigment is produced in special cells – melanocytes and, penetrating the hair follicles, gives them a different color. Eumelanin dyes hair in dark tones, pheomelanin in golden and red. A variety of shades and tones gives a mixture of these pigments.

Melanin is formed with the participation of sex hormones, as well as hormones produced by the pituitary and thyroid glands.

How does gray hair appear?
With age, all body functions decrease, including melanocytes. They produce less and less pigment, and we first have separate gray hair, and then whole strands. Over time, melanocytes die, but new cells no longer appear. And hair without pigment turns white. In addition, they become brittle, dry, stiff.

When should the first gray hair appear?
It is considered normal if the first gray hair appears by the age of 35-40, since melanocytes become less active from the age of 30. However, all this is very individual. Much depends on heredity – on when the gray hair appeared in your parents. Earlier brunettes and brunettes turn gray.

Premature is considered gray hair, which appeared before the age of thirty.

What caused early graying?
1. Some diseases contribute to the premature appearance of gray hair.

This is in particular:

disorders of the thyroid gland, gonads;
endocrine pathologies, in particular diabetes mellitus;
vitiligo – a violation of pigmentation;
iron deficiency in the body (anemia);
digestive diseases, when the body cannot absorb biologically active substances;
cerebrovascular disease in which the nutrition of the scalp is disturbed.

2. The second reason for the early gray strands are severe stressful situations.

Under stress, adrenaline rises, and it prevents melanin from entering the hair. As a result, menalin is produced less and less hair and whiten.

3. Cause premature graying may be a lack of certain vitamins (A, B10) and vital minerals.

Vitamin-mineral imbalance can be caused by a disease, malnutrition, the use of various diets.

4. Early gray hair may appear with protein deficiency.

In particular, it is noticed: in people who adhere to vegetarianism, gray hair is observed earlier.

5. Some medications and chemotherapy also contribute to graying.

6. Solar radiation is harmful not only to the skin; it provokes premature graying.

7. The risk group includes smokers.

8. Promotes early gray hair improper care of our hair.

In particular, fond of perms, the use of hot hair dryers, forceps, hair dyes with hydrogen peroxide, aggressive shampoos and even washing your hair with too hot water – all this does not reflect on the hair in the best way, disrupting the pigmentation process.

Can premature gray hair be prevented?
It is impossible to return the grayed strands to their previous appearance with any pills and procedures – gray hair is irreversible. But you can try to slow down the graying process. True, not everything depends on us. So, we are not able to influence heredity; some chronic diseases at the present stage are completely impossible to cure. But to abandon bad habits, eat well, do not abuse the tan, spare the hair – we can do it.

You can address the problem of early graying to a trichologist – a specialist in hair diseases. There are both medications and special shampoos that can slow down the appearance of gray hair. How this treatment helps depends on many factors, and it is not always effective.

In this case, hair dyeing will be the solution, since today hair dyes of any color and shade are on sale.

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