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Unusual Diseases: Morgellon’s Disease

The stories of people suffering from this disease resemble a fantastic thriller. And it is not surprising that the doctors whom the unfortunate turn to send them to a psychiatrist. Judge for yourself: under the skin, something (someone) crawls, then an ulcer forms and some creature emerges from it, similar to a hair or even an insect. It is difficult to pull it out, and when you try to remove it, it can hide under the skin. How could it be? No and no again. Delusions, hallucinations, dermatitis of a psychogenic nature.

But, unfortunately, this is not nonsense: thousands of people from all over the world have already found similar symptoms. So, the disease exists and something needs to be done. To begin to understand what it is.

But all in order.

How did it start
Rather, as it became widely known about this, it probably began earlier.

One day, the mother of a two-year-old Drew discovered in her son a sore over her lip, from which some fluff was sticking out. In addition, the baby complained of severe itching and said that someone was crawling under his skin. Mother went to the doctors. But neither the pediatrician, nor the allergist, nor the dermatologist could determine what was happening with Drew. But they diagnosed mom – a mental disorder.

The woman turned to the Network for help, and letters began to come from people who had encountered this mysterious disease. So in 2001, they started talking about Morgellon’s disease first in America, and then around the world.

The name “Morgellon’s disease” is not entirely accurate – it is a disease that affected people back in the 17th century in the south of France. And it got the name after the first victims – children from the Morgellon family. After bathing in a dirty pond, organisms that formed long fibers there entered the human body. These fibers broke through the skin and came out in the form of hard black hair. But the current Morgellon disease has a different origin.
How does Morgellon’s disease manifest
It all starts with a strong, just unbearable itching and pain. Then an abscess appears, from which some formations stick out: fibers of different colors, threads, hair or balls, grains of some substance, some talk about bugs and other insects. Moreover, these formations behave as living. So, if you touch them, they can turn around and go back under the skin. The abscess heals, after it remains a scar, but then the same appears in another place.

Along with these manifestations, patients have convulsions, joints become inflamed, and hair falls out. They suffer from chronic fatigue, weakness, partial loss of memory. Well, of course, all this is accompanied by severe depression up to suicide attempts, which is not surprising – after all, medicine is not yet able to help them.

Causes of Morgellon’s Disease
To find a means of combating this scourge, one must discover its cause. And here is where the main difficulty arises. The fact is that the nature of Morgellon’s disease has not yet been determined. Of course, there are many different theories of its origin from completely scientific (bacterial, fungal infection) to absolutely fantastic. But so far, none of them has received confirmation. Here is some of them:

The disease is caused by the same bacteria that are responsible for Lyme disease – spirochetes.
The new varieties of the fungus, not yet known to science, are “to blame”.
Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) parasitize in the human body.
The disease is associated with the use of genetically modified foods, resulting in a mutation of genes.
The infection was accidentally introduced by firms producing agricultural products and biopesticides and spread, getting into the body with food.
These are consequences of exposure to nanoparticles of a substance (chemical trailer), which are sprayed in air by airplanes. What kind of aircraft these are, what kind of substance they spray, is unknown, but it is assumed that states are creating new biological weapons and conducting their tests.
And finally, there is no disease, it’s just a mental disorder.

Interesting Facts
Fibers taken from the bodies of patients were investigated, and it turned out that they are not one of the known organic substances.
In these fibers, bacteria have been discovered that can genetically alter the cells of the human body.
Interestingly, these foreign fibers, while in the human body, do not give an inflammatory reaction. And this means that the immune system perceives them as its own substance and does not reject it.
Is there a cure?
There is no specific treatment method yet. Patients are prescribed antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic drugs, depending on the opinion of the attending physician on the nature of the disease. Symptomatic therapy is also used, that is, treatment that alleviates or eliminates the symptoms of the disease: itching, pain, weakness, depression, etc.

On the Internet there is information about the successful cure for Morgellon’s disease, in particular colloidal silver. Whether this is so or not, while it’s hard to say, there have been no official trials. But desperate people suffering from itching, pain and, most importantly, horror, are ready to grab hold of a straw.

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