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5 cosmetic procedures that can not be done at home

Today it is not difficult to look younger than one’s age: there are various procedures with which you can remove wrinkles, even out the skin of the face, and correct the floated oval of the face. Many cosmetology clinics and centers offer their rejuvenation services. Only here they are expensive. Is it possible to do on their own and engage in rejuvenation at home?

Undoubtedly, you can do something yourself, for example, face masks. However, many anti-aging procedures should be performed only by a specialist with a higher medical education – a dermatologist-cosmetologist. And he has the right to conduct them exclusively in a medical institution.

The fact is that anti-aging procedures have their own indications and contraindications. Without knowing them, you can very much hurt yourself and instead of a young radiant skin get an inflammatory process, burns, ugly scars and other troubles. That is why appointing yourself this or that procedure and performing it in your own kitchen is not the best idea.

So what should you do yourself?

Chemical peeling
This is an exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin with various acids. Depending on the depth of exposure, deep, median and superficial peeling are distinguished. As a result of this procedure, the skin is leveled, small wrinkles, spots, bumps, blackheads are removed. After peeling, enhanced skin recovery occurs.

Only the doctor can choose the desired acid or a combination of acids, the depth of exposure, taking into account the characteristics and condition of the skin, age, concomitant diseases.
With improperly selected characteristics, poor-quality peeling agent, incorrect application of acid, you can get:

severe burn;
secondary infection of the skin – for example, if you had herpes, rashes will appear on the entire face. The same with warts: treatment of a single wart will cause the appearance of new formations
ugly spots.
And in the future, all these troubles threaten the development of scars.

This procedure involves the introduction into the skin with the help of small needles of special preparations that increase the elasticity of the skin, smooth wrinkles and scars, correct the contour of the face, fight fat deposits.

There are various techniques for administering drugs. They vary depending on the composition of the drug (cocktail) and on the purpose of the procedure. Only a doctor can choose the composition of a cocktail and correctly calculate its dose.

A complication of mesotherapy can be skin necrosis. First, the surface of the skin swells, on it appear tubercles filled with pus. When the inflammatory process is completed, ugly scars remain on the skin.

The causes of necrosis can be:

incorrectly selected composition or incorrectly calculated volume of the drug;
excessively deep introduction;
poor disinfection of needles;
insufficiently processed skin.
This procedure involves the introduction of hyaluronic acid under the skin with various additives. Hyaluronic acid promotes the production of elastin and collagen, and thus the skin is rejuvenated.

The composition of the drug is selected strictly individually. The doctor takes into account the features of the skin, concomitant pathology, the patient’s age, his condition.

With an incorrectly selected therapeutic cocktail, you can not get the desired effect or get an undesirable result, for example, age spots. An exacerbation of existing skin diseases is also possible.

The most dangerous consequence of biorevitalization is an allergic reaction, especially Quincke’s edema, which can end tragically. If this happens in the clinic, then the doctor will quickly remove the manifestations of allergies. At home, you can not only not have time to wait for help, but simply do not understand what happened.

Botulinum therapy
Botox has long been successfully used in cosmetology to smooth facial wrinkles and wrinkles. But you must understand that the basis of the drug is botulinum toxin, a poison that has the property of inhibiting muscle contraction. If the dose of the drug is calculated incorrectly, then instead of a young face with smooth, without wrinkle skin, you will get a frozen mask or a distorted face.

In addition, a violation of the technique of administering the drug can lead to drooping of the eyelids, and you cannot open your eyes, or, conversely, your eyes cannot be completely closed, as well as diplopia – double vision.

Another consequence of the misuse of Botox is a swallowing disorder when food enters the nose or larynx.

Contour plastic fillers
The essence of the procedure is that fillers – gels based on hyaluronic acid – are introduced under the skin, smoothing wrinkles, changing the shape and volume of the cheekbones and lips, adjusting the shape of the face, filling the nasolabial fold.

There are quite a few contraindications to this procedure. If they are not taken into account, then in the future you can get very unpleasant complications.

This procedure is serious, and only a doctor has the right to carry it out. It is he who chooses the filler of the desired density, suitable for a particular zone. The technique of performing the procedure for a certain area is also different. If all this is not taken into account, the consequences can be depressing:

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