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The consequences of prolonged sleep deprivation

A full sleep is the main component of a healthy lifestyle, because our body needs to be restored daily. Unfortunately, for modern man, constant lack of sleep has become almost the norm. Few people think that even a minimal reduction in the duration of sleep will certainly affect well-being, sharpness of mind and psycho-emotional state. And in the long run, a chronic lack of sleep will certainly affect health.

How long should a healthy sleep last
Each person is unique and has an individual need for relaxation. Based on medical recommendations – the optimal duration of sleep for an adult should be from 7 to 8 hours. But these indicators vary depending on the age and physiological characteristics of the person. For example, children should sleep much more, with age, the need for sleep decreases. Therefore, in each case, the rate of sleep will be different.

Duration of sleep recommended by doctors and scientists:

Infants (0–3 months) – 16-18 hours;
Toddlers (4-12 months) – 12-15 hours;
Children (from 1-6 years) – 11-14 hours;
Schoolchildren (6–13 years old) – 9-11 hours;
Adolescents (14-17 years) – 8-10 hours;
Adults (18–64 years old) – 7-8 hours;
Elderly people (65+) – 6.5-8 hours.
Of course, these are not absolute indicators of healthy sleep. To understand whether you sleep enough time, you need to evaluate your well-being in the daytime. If you get enough sleep, you will feel energetic, vigorous and full of strength. Prolonged lack of sleep immediately affects the mood and well-being, a person becomes lethargic, irritable, his reaction slows down and his memory worsens.

The consequences of prolonged sleep deprivation
Prolonged lack of sleep cannot but affect the quality of life: over time, mood, well-being, brain function, and general health noticeably worsen.

It is scientifically proven that persistent lack of sleep can provoke arterial hypertension, cardiovascular disease, nervous disorders, visual impairment, diabetes mellitus and other pathologies.
Moreover, after numerous studies, scientists from different countries came to the single conclusion that sleep less than 7 hours a day reduces life expectancy by almost 10 years, while the risk of severe pathologies and sudden death increases by 2 times.

Lack of sleep can affect health
What causes chronic lack of sleep? If a person sleeps poorly and poorly for more than six months, then chronic sleep deprivation develops, which is fraught with serious difficulties in falling asleep in the future, sometimes even prolonged therapeutic treatment does not help.

A person who does not get enough sleep feels tired, devoid of vitality and energy, a feeling of complete breakdown and headaches appears. Studies show that chronic lack of sleep can lead to the development of severe and deadly diseases – from diabetes to cancer.

The consequences of lack of sleep for women
Unlike men, women need to sleep longer. This is due to physiological characteristics, the female brain can perform several tasks at the same time, so it needs more time to recover.

It is no secret that women are more emotional and prone to depressive states, therefore, they suffer much more from the effects of lack of sleep than men. In addition, chronic lack of sleep can cause hormonal failure and women’s health problems.

Withering beauty
Lack of sleep negatively affects the appearance. A woman who constantly lacks swollen eyelids, pale skin, appears dark circles under the eyes and deep wrinkles. A woman looks unhealthy, unhappy and tired. During the night’s sleep, the body produces an important hormone, melatonin, which is a powerful antioxidant and slows down the process of natural aging. With a full night’s sleep, skin cells are restored, blood flow improves, natural smoothing of facial wrinkles occurs, and skin color improves.

Premature aging in women
Doctors confirm that women who regularly do not get enough sleep recover faster and are obese. If the body does not have enough sleep, the production of hormones responsible for the feeling of fullness is reduced.

It follows that the less we sleep, the more we eat. In addition, with lack of sleep, metabolic processes in the body worsen, so excess weight is gained 2 times faster.

Premature aging
With a lack of sleep, the body is constantly in a state of stress, while the production of cortisol increases. This hormone is actively involved in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

If the level of cortisol increases, then the immune defense and elasticity of muscle fibers decrease, this negatively affects the condition of hair and nails, the skin becomes flabby. Under the influence of the hormone cortisol, aging at the cellular level is accelerated.

Decrease in female libido
Lack of sleep negatively affects the sexuality of a woman, decreased libido and the level of sexual arousal.

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