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Underwear that is unhealthy

When buying underwear, we least think about health. The main thing is that it be beautiful, emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure. But panties or a bra can significantly harm and even cause the development of the disease. It concerns both women and men. What should I look for when choosing clothes? How to identify safe underwear?

Choose material

Panties, bras, peignoirs from synthetics, bright colors, and even trimmed with lace look beautiful and sexy. But this is probably the only advantage of such underwear. The disadvantages are much greater.

Everyone knows that synthetics “do not breathe”, that is, does not let air through. This means that in synthetic underwear, natural heat exchange is disrupted and a moist and warm environment is created.

But this is not the only minus of underwear made of synthetic fabrics. They do not or poorly absorb moisture. As a result, the sweat produced by the skin does not evaporate, enhancing the greenhouse effect. These are simply ideal conditions for the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms.

Underwear should be comfortable
In addition, fungi feel great in synthetic fibers.

Gynecologists constantly talk about the dangers of synthetic underwear: dermatitis, vaginosis, colpitis, allergies, thrush, cystitis – this is an incomplete list of the unpleasant consequences of constantly wearing synthetics.

For men, the greenhouse effect of synthetics can result in a decrease in sperm viability.
Particularly dangerous underwear made of synthetics of poor quality. It may contain various toxic chemicals, in particular formaldehyde. Fabrics are impregnated with this highly toxic substance, so that clothes from them retain their presentation. We bring such linen from China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries.


Not everyone knows that lace underwear can also be harmful if you wear it all the time. Rigid lace rubs delicate skin, causing scuffs, irritation, and allergies. This also applies to panties and bras. In addition, lace underwear is most often synthetic.

Bright colours

Beautiful-looking underwear in bright colors can be extremely dangerous. The fact is that dyes may contain toxic compounds that, during socks, will affect the skin and mucous membranes. If linen sheds, dyes, it must be immediately discarded.

Bright underwear can be dangerous due to toxic compounds.
Choose a style

Perhaps this is the most popular model of panties today. And one of the most harmful to women’s health, doctors say. A narrow rope replacing the gusset rubs the delicate crotch tissue, injuring them.

In addition, microorganisms easily switch from such a “gusset” from the anus to the vaginal mucosa. And even the normal microflora of the colon, once in the vagina, provokes inflammatory processes. Well, if you also add mucous membranes rubbed with a rope, then the result will be unpleasant inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary organs.

And thongs are most often made from synthetics, that is, they possess, among other things, all the negative properties of synthetic underwear.


Such tight-fitting underwear can interfere with normal blood circulation. And this threatens diseases of the genitourinary system, varicose veins. But the most serious dangers of stagnation for women are miscarriage and infertility, for men – weakening of potency.

Men’s swimming trunks

Strongly fitting swimming trunks for men should not be worn constantly. The reason is a violation of blood circulation and congestion in the pelvis.

Men’s swimming trunks should be free

Such underwear belongs to the category of corrective and has rigid inserts on the stomach, back, sides. The question of whether harmful underwear is harmful or not worries many women. Stretching the stomach, sides, buttocks, it makes the figure slim. But the reckoning for beauty is disproportionate to the result.

This is especially true for cowards that tighten the stomach. Such underwear squeezes not only fatty deposits. Internal organs also suffer, blood circulation is disturbed in them.
Pressure on the stomach provokes the release of gastric juice into the esophagus, heartburn. If this happens regularly, there is a risk of developing esophageal cancer.

The abdominal muscles weaken, and the back muscles experience excessive pressure. This leads to back pain.

About stagnation in the pelvic organs has already been said above. A circulatory disturbance in the veins of the legs is fraught with the development of varicose veins and thrombophlebitis.

Underwired bras

Such bras are recommended for women with large breast sizes. When choosing a model, you need to make sure that the bones do not dig into the body and do not cause inconvenience. If you have small breasts, it is better to refuse bones.

Underwired bras for large breasts
Push-up bras

These bra models make the breasts bigger and taller, give it a beautiful shape that looks very sexy. But you need to understand that the position of the mammary glands in such a bra is unnatural.

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