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Why Omega-3,6,9 Fatty Acids
For weak babies who are often ill, doctors prescribe fish oil. Not surprising. After all, it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The body needs the latter for the proper…

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Underwear that is unhealthy
When buying underwear, we least think about health. The main thing is that it be beautiful, emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the figure. But panties or a…

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How we age: sarcopenia
The aging process begins in the body after 25-30 years, when there are still no signs. But aging is not only wrinkles on the face and gray hair, and not…

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Why does skin need special care in summer?

How nice to feel the rays of the warm summer sun on your skin after a long, cold winter. However, doctors are not tired of repeating the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. Excessive addiction to tanning turns into peeling, burns, the appearance of age spots. And this is only a small part of the problems that ultraviolet can cause. How to protect the skin from the sun and prevent negative effects?

Sun rays: benefit or harm
Until the beginning of the 20th century, aristocratic pallor was in fashion. People from higher circles of society carefully covered their bodies and faces from the sun. The concept of beauty involuntarily changed Coco Chanel. Her skin accidentally tanned. Society took the tan as a new fashion trend. Since Continue reading

Acne after 30 years: causes and treatment

As a rule, adolescents and young boys and girls suffer from acne, which is explained by hormonal storms during puberty, causing excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. By 25 years, most of them pass. But it happens that an unpleasant acne occurs in a more mature age. More often, women become victims of “adult” acne, but men are not safe from them. What are the causes of acne after 30 years?

Why acne appears
Acne (or acne) occurs when the sebaceous glands become clogged with excess fat.

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Anti-cellulite massage: myths and reality

Today, beauty salons offer a service such as anti-cellulite massage, and it is quite popular. Many women, especially before the summer holidays, want to remove the ugly orange peel from the hips, buttocks, and abdomen. But how effective is this procedure? Does massage help get rid of cellulite?

To answer this question, you need to understand what cellulite is.

What is cellulite?
Cellulite in life is called the changes that occur in the subcutaneous fat. Fat accumulates in fat cells, and jumpers between the segments of adipose tissue grow, squeezing them. As a result, these lobules Continue reading

5 most dangerous skin tissue

By what criteria do we choose clothes? It should be fashionable, comfortable, beautiful, fit our body shape and color and skin and hair. It’s like that. But often we forget about another necessary quality of the things we wear – about their safety. In fact, many tissues can negatively affect the skin, causing irritation, allergic reactions, even fatigue and headaches.

Synthetics – no?
It is believed that synthetic clothing is harmful, because the body “does not breathe” in it, and natural fabrics should be worn: cotton, silk, wool and linen. Indeed, it was once so. But today synthetic materials have been created that perfectly allow air to pass through, absorb sweat well, and dry quickly. An Continue reading

How stress affects our appearance

There is a direct connection between the psycho-emotional state and human health, therefore, all our experiences negatively affect the beauty and youth of the body.

Constant stresses change our appearance is not for the better. A tired look, bags and bruises under the eyes, irritability, pale skin and brittle hair are the first signs of chronic stress.

Understanding exactly how stress affects our body will help prevent health problems and preserve natural beauty.

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Removal of scars and scars
Contrary to the well-known saying, scars do not adorn anyone: neither a man nor a woman. But it is not only aesthetics. Scars can restrict movement, scars on the face…


What vitamins do our skin need?
The body needs vitamins for proper functioning. Deficiency of such substances may not be detected for a long time. However, destructive processes are already running. Feeling a lack of vitamins,…


How we age: sarcopenia
The aging process begins in the body after 25-30 years, when there are still no signs. But aging is not only wrinkles on the face and gray hair, and not…


How does collagen “work” and why is it needed
The term “collagen” is often pronounced when it comes to anti-aging procedures. Therefore, for many people, this substance is associated with beauty and a slowdown in old age. However, from…