Illustrating How it Works

The deep muscles of the back are the focus of treatment of the Wrightback.

Clearly showing the natural contour of the spine from the base of the skull down to the pelvis causing a supine linear traction affect, decompressing the inter-vertebral discs and showing how the seat is an integral part of the apparatus as it aligns the spinal column straight and centre to the pelvis.

Cross section of the erector spinae muscles and the Wrightback at the 4th lumbar vertebra applying pressure similar to two thumbs applying acupressure, relieving muscle tension and improving blood supply.


The spinal cord running through the 4th lumbar vertebra and the spinal nerves emanating out.

The negative force of gravity and muscle shrinkage acting upon the inter-vertebral discs resulting in discomfort and nerve irritation and possible organ dysfunction.


Girl with spine

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Healthy spacing of discs before the negative effects of gravity and muscle shrinkage, or after supine traction with improved neurological function and improved wellbeing.

1997-2002 Wrightback