The Theory on How it Works

When muscles are tense or in spasm there is a shortening of fibres with a loss of elasticity, leading to apparent pain and discomfort.

 In treating back problems, the objective is to encourage the support muscles of the spine to release tension (not just merely stretch & loosen the ligaments) and thus restore flexibility and pain free mobility.

 Attempting to imitate two thumbs running the full length of the spine, two rails were formed from ABS plastic to suit the ideal anatomical profile of the back. When one lies on the form, your own bodyweight creates pressure upon the support muscles of the spine with the intention of relaxing these muscles via an ancient Oriental massage technique called acupressure. Compressing the muscles between the transverse processes of the spine and the two rails, this sends a message to the brain (via the autonomic nervous system) to release tension.

 The spinal cord travels vertically through spaces in the spinal column while the nerves branch out between each vertebra of the spine and run throughout the muscles and soft tissue structure to the organs and limbs. By relieving tension it is possible to reduce nerve supply interference, benefiting your general health and well-being, not to mention how much better one feels being free from pain. Similarly as with massage there is a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing stress and tension improving blood supply and aiding in muscle elasticity.  

 The Wrightback focuses on relieving tight muscles, stretching and aligning the spine, it is also possible to isolate and relieve individual vertebrae. The unit is quite unique in design and has a telescopic action that enables it to be adjusted to different spinal lengths making it very effective in treating the entire spine.

If a regular regime is adhered to, according to your problem and/or condition, eventually this can be reduced to a routine maintenance level whereby your complaint can be kept at bay. E.g. initially you may need to use it 10-20 minutes, once or twice a day then as your condition improves, once a week may be sufficient.

 Being compact, lightweight and portable it is possible to treat yourself at any time and basically anywhere one desires or when the need arises. Unlike most other self-health gadgets it is not an exercise machine, one simply relaxes and lets gravity do the work. The Wrightback may also be used in conjunction with, while complementing other therapies and modalities.

 Not everybody is able to relax into it the first time some people do find it invasive or painful. This is usually an indication that there is a problem and they are in need of treatment to alleviate that pain. It is important in the effectiveness of the Wrightback that one relaxes into it, as this is how it works. If the Wrightback is padded with a cushion or towel to make it less invasive, the pain will reduce and gradually you will want to remove the padding.

 The Wrightback does not claim to cure but is guaranteed to reduce back pain and improve flexibility, provided you follow the instructions along with a regular treatment regime you should see some positive results within 21 days.

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