Some Comments and Feedback about the Wrightback

bulletWhat a great concept so effective in such a short time! (chiropractor)   


bulletThis is wonderful so much pain free movement in just one go! (75yr old back pain sufferer)


bulletI am going to use one in my Practice! (Acupuncturist)


bulletJohn an avid Golfer said his Wrightback helps keep his back subtle and gives him a definite advantage with his game.


bulletGreg likes to keep fit in his Gym and said he likes to finish a work-out with the Wrightback as he feels it aligns his spine and improves the blood flow.


bulletJust 2 minutes on the Wrightback relieves my lower back pain! (Carpet Layer)


bulletThis is fantastic for my neck! (Whiplash Victim)


bulletMakes me feel euphoric, similar to a float-tank experience! (Artist)


bulletAmazing how improved my legs feel after one go! (Sciatic Sufferer)


bulletI don't have anymore back pain since using the Wrightback! (Osteoporosis Sufferer)


bulletAfter using your magic back machine for 2 weeks I am now free from pain for the first time in 10 years! (Computer Operater)


bulletThis is great for improving my flexibility! (Yoga Student)


bulletI can clearly see the benefits, I want one! (Ergonomist)


bulletSurprising how quickly it becomes comfortable and relaxing, I find it difficult to get off! (Farmer)


bulletThe Wrightback was such a hit at home I now have one in the office! (Casting Agent)


bulletI have Suffered back pain for years, when my back went out it would take a month of ingesting anti-inflamatories combined with visits to my Chiropractor to get relief. Next time a purchased a Wrightback and within 3 days I managed to relax into it and fell asleep, the result was simply stunning, when I awoke a few hours later my back pain had gone! (School Principal)


bulletA prelude to a lovely nights sleep, I really look forward to using the Wrightback at the end of a hard day, I put on some relaxing music and witness the stress leave my being. (Personal Secretary)


bulletOver the last 20 years I have spent an absolute fortune trying numerous forms of therapy to treat my back pain. When a friend of mine suggested trying his Wrightback, within 30 minutes for the first time in 20 years my pain had gone! (Marion 63)


bulletMy back goes out regularly, by using the Wrightback for just 10 minutes each time, I am able to rectify the problem myself. (Helen G)


bulletI'm sold! (Financial Adviser)


bulletThe Australian Institute of Sport purchased a Wrightback for their Physiotherapy department.

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