Neck  (Cervical vertebrae) C1-C7
Location of nerve to related organ.
C1 Sympathetic nerves, inner and middle ear, pituitary gland 
C2 Eyes, Optic nerve, auditory nerve, throat, tongue, sinuses.
C3 Trifacial nerve, outer ear, teeth, parotid glands.
C4 Eustachian tubes, gums, lips, nose.
C5 Pharynx, vocal cords, neck glands, throat.
C6 Tonsils, neck muscles, shoulders.
C7 Thyroid gland, elbows, shoulders. 

Possible effects of nerve interference.
Headaches, migraines, eye problems,  nervousness, insomnia, head colds, chronic tiredness, dizziness, sinus trouble, allergies, hearing problems, fainting spells, neuritis, adenoids, breathing difficulties, dry mouth, throat conditions, laryngitis, stiff neck, pain in upper arms, tonsillitis, pins & needles in arms, thyroid conditions.` 


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